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Container Services

Ason specialises in the “one-stop shop” application. This means we can collect your container from the wharf, unpack the goods then store and distribute directly to the customer.

Ason Warehousing are class 2.2 accredited under the Approved Arrangements in conjunction with the Biosecurity Act 2015 (previously AQIS/ DAFF Quarantine Approved Premises) allowing for unpacking of goods subject to Quarantine Inspection

Our ability to adapt makes Ason a specialist in the handling of containerised cargo.

No matter what the commodity or how they are packaged, Ason can offer a wide range of solutions for the unpacking/ packing of your goods. Ason staff are well trained and have the experience to handle all forms of cargo ranging from standard palletised items, and loose 25kg bags through to Wine Barrels, Farm Equipment and Machinery.